Your business doesn't stop, so why should your equipment?

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An expensive process is even more expensive when it stops

The very phrase "unforeseeable circumstances" means that you won't see the problem coming. Failing to be properly prepared can be catastrophic for your business, your equipment and ultimately your profitability.

Power Capacitors Ltd. in partnership with Merus Power offer a range of Uninterrupted Power Quality (UPQ) systems to keep your business going.

A unique solution that combines the benefits of various Power Quality requirements in a single robust system, the UPQ System protects your supply and your processes against power interruptions, voltage sags and swells, as well as from expensive and harmful losses and equipment failure caused by harmonic currents.

The unit is able to operate in two "modes" - the Power Protection mode and the Power Quality mode and can automatically switch between the two as and when required.

In the event of power outages or voltage sags, the UPQ System activates Power Protection mode. In this mode, power is automatically provided to the loads, ensuring your mission critical processes have complete immunity from utility power interruptions, voltage sags and swells. This guarantees total system availability and reliability for essential processes giving guaranteed peace of mind.

When the mains supply returns to acceptable levels, the UPQ System returns to its normal Power Quality mode, where it actively filters harmonic currents, compensates for reactive power, mitigates flicker, phase balances the load, improves power factor and assists in voltage regulation.

As an ‘off-line’ device, the losses of a UPQ system are only a few percent of the typical losses of a conventional ‘on-line’ UPS system, meaning that operating costs are further reduced.

The UPQ System is built on modern power electronics technology, ensuring extremely fast and effective response to power outages, voltage sags and a number of other power quality disturbances. Such dynamic real time response ensures uninterrupted power for all your processes. During Power Quality mode, it can mitigate harmonic distortions and improves power factor in less than 1 millisecond. In the event of a power outage or a voltage sag, switching to power protection mode takes place in less than 1.8 milliseconds. Such dynamic performance ensures maximum up-time and system availability for your crucial business processes.

Entire facility protection with flexibility of connecting the UPQ System at any voltage level: the UPQ provides superior connectivity options, unlike any other solution. It can be easily connected at any voltage level up to 38.5kV.

This level of flexibility allows designing of an economically viable power protection solution, utilizing the most cost optimized energy storage media for entire production processes.

This excellent product is perfectly suited to the following industries:

  • Medical
  • Semiconductor
  • Chemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food & Beverage
  • Glass
  • Automotive
  • Any business with Mission Critical processes

To learn more about how a UPQ system can help you and your business, give Power Capacitors Ltd. a call on 0121-7084511 or email us at [email protected]