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Power Capacitors Ltd. has recently designed, manufactured and commissioned a bespoke 300kVAr Detuned Power Factor Correction cubicle to be shipped to a specialist Steel Alloys facility in Sheffield.

This top of the line unit will

  • prolong the life of their existing equipment
  • reduce their energy bill
  • improve system efficiency
  • combat harmonic distortion
  • AND reduce their CO2 emissions.

This  project supports the companies continuous efforts in being green.

Where a standard product just won't do, we are able to design your Power Factor Correction equipment 'from scratch'. Whatever your requirements or limitations, we will always be able to accommodate them; whether it's output, stage size, cable entry, physical size or even price - we will work together with you to arrive at the perfect solution.

Another bill reduced and another huge cut to CO2 emmissions.

Get in touch now to see how we can reduce yours!

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tel: 0121-708-4511

Power Capacitors will be amongst the hundreds of members exhibiting at this year's Made in the Midlands Exhibition, which takes place at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry on June 20. To join them, register for tickets by clicking on the banner below and don't forget that for more details on the event, visit our new website - www.madeinthemidlandsexpo.co.uk